Making A Difference Training

Meet the team
Beccie Varney MCIPD
Beccie is passionate about getting the best out of people and developing their skills and behaviours to take them to the top of their game; whether its senior leadership teams or frontline staff Beccie will guarantee to Make a Difference to their performance. Creative, Innovative, Enthusiastic and Energetic with a will to win. NLP Master Practitioner.

Beccie also has a passion for handbags and shoes!!! She can always be found at the Mulberry counter or ogling over the latest Jimmy Choos.

Sheila Lardner
Sheila designs and delivers learning experiences which make a difference to peoples’ competence and capability in managing people and developing business.
To develop effectiveness in managing people Sheila facilitates training in leadership, coaching, influencing and managing performance. She loves to see people developing their skill during training knowing it will make a real difference to their lives.
To build growth in retail sales Sheila has developed programmes in marketing, merchandising, promotion and customer care. She loves to create that excitement and enthusiasm which causes people to change their behaviour.
Also Sheila can usually be expected to give tips on the best scuba diving sites and best timeshare deals.

Julie Sleath
Julie's experience is heavily focussed on customer service. She is also excellent at anything sales and will inspire others to sell effectively and ensure they keep customers for life! Julie is passionate about retail and this is evident when you see her clothes and shoes collection not to mention her trademark 'pink' lipsticks...

Sharon Whiteley
A truly exceptional project manager and great trainer, Sharon helps us to make sure that we stay on track and comply with the legalities and logisitics of some of our bigger projects. Sharon is an experienced facilitator and has a great approach to adapting to learning styles. Sharon has the travel bug and can often be found loitering at an airport ready for her next trip!

Angie Hutchinson
Angie is a successful trainer with a proven track record in all aspects of training and development. She has more than 30 years' experience working with some of Britain’s biggest and best breweries and pub companies. Angie has extensive training experience and her teaching qualifications help her inspire and motivate people at every level. Her role? To support and develop the growth of business talent. She believes passionately in affordable training solutions and down to earth advice, specialising in all aspects of hospitality, licensing and food hygiene. In her spare time she travels nationally and internationally to see her ever growing family!!

Marnie Delaney-Parker
Marketing and PR
Marnie is truly exceptional at knowing the best marketing techniques and PR is her middle name. She is a great asset when helping our clients to understand the affect their latest programme can have on their portfolio and also how they can use this to their best advantage.
When Marnie is not managing her twin boys she is a real competitor in extraordinary retailing and will be able to tell you the latest products on the market and the latest designer handbag!
Acting Team
When roleplay resource is required we call on our team of actors. Adrian, Gerri, Julian, Mark and Pippa have been providing professional roleplayers to business since 2001, and have a background in professional theatre and communication skills development. They help us to provide our clients with a fresh approach to training and to get away from 'death by powerpoint' and deliver learning in a fun and powerful way, using one-to-one roleplay, forum theatre, scripted pieces and film. CentreStage also provide workshops for us on Diversity Awareness, Customer Service, Presentation Skills, Media Training and still manage to make the occasional appearance on stage and TV"

KeyMT Install
The Realisation Team
Mike and the guys at KeyMT are the people that bring all of our ideas to life through IT and designing and building our experiential learning environments. They can turn a blank office space into an incredible learning space which engages people from the moment they walk in! They pull out all the stops and get the job done on time on budget and with a real wow factor.
Mike and his team will always have the latest IT and bring humour and a real sense of fun to every job. These guys keep us sane.

Gibson Blanc Design
The Creative Team
These guys do all the creative stuff from supporting brand development to creating our experiential learning environments. They take our concepts and ideas and turn them into a reality through concept visuals to final production. They are exceptional at truly understanding what will work for our clients and will help to engage delegates and attendees to our programmes.

Gibson and the guys are gadget mad and great fun to work with even under severe pressure and tight deadlines.